Proactively plan for your future talent needs.

In order to be able to “buy now” you need to “build first”. Building a talent pipeline ensures that when you’re in need of talent, both planned and unplanned, that talent is ready for you! It allows you to consider what your future talent needs are, planning strategically in line with your business objectives.

Once you understand your future needs, the best time to begin recruiting talent is before you have an active role. Important conversations to understand a lawyer’s motivations and aspirations, along with timing and cost to move, are best done in advance so that when the time comes you can tailor your approach to achieve the desired outcome.

Talk to JLR about your future needs and engage JLR to build you a bespoke talent pipeline.

Your bespoke talent pipeline will consist of real-time profiles containing publicly available information about each lawyer. You can then build on that information from your own intelligence and the conversations you have with each lawyer.

Your pipeline will be stored in our easy to use online portal. At your discretion you can then connect with the lawyers in your pipeline and keep track of the talent in real time, even if they move.

When a vacancy or role presents, you can review your talent pipeline and know what talent is transferrable now. From the portal you can also exchange commentary internally about each candidate, and manage the end-to-end talent acquisition process.