One of the best ways to ensure you retain your talent is to engage in empowering and transformative career development conversations.

Career Converser is a ‘cloud tool’ that facilitates powerful career development conversations between an individual and their manager; assessing career drivers, level of career satisfaction and development support needed to enable the readiness, career growth and development of your existing talent.

Career Converser features:

  •  a simple, intuitive, online career assessment
  • a tailored career conversation guide & development plan
  • facilitates a realistic, meaningful career development conversation
  • identifies career aspirations of individuals within the team, any potential ‘flight risks’ of top talent and development support required to ensure ongoing retention and readiness for progression
  • uncovers potential partners a number of years in advance
  • enables a manager to have constructive, well-executed career conversation aligned to the individual’s preferences and the firm/company’s needs
  • aligns with existing career development processes, performance reviews, and recruitment and career transition processes